Indian PM Narendra Modi, his work style and much more

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

As confessed by a  key member in PMO, who had spent 44 years working with Congress govt. He said, he has never worked so hard and so much.

He was recently claimed that he is worried the way Modi is working he may be harming his own health. Apparently many times he skips regular meals to accommodate some requests.

Modi is working avg 18-20 hours a day! As told by him ,Modi has reached state of self actualization and thus doesnot want to respond to the allegations against him. Every meeting they have, he runs through it for 30 mins and than he always ask the same question to everyone in every meeting ‘ What more can we do to make India better’ 24×7 he is on the over drive working on it.He told a recent example where they finished a meeting at 12 in the midnight and as they were walking out there were 3 groups of people waiting for him.

Coincidentally he had meeting on another topic at 8am in the morning the very next day. When they were walking in at 8am, the 3rd group from previous night was walking out. And later he came to know from his secy that PM hasn’t slept for 36 hours !And this is when it is business as usual and not national emergency. Source

In a recent interview with Network18, when asked why you have punishing schedule of 16 to 18 hours. So how do you relax? This is what Modi said, “I relax through working only. I never get tired of working. In fact the opposite tires me. If you have to write 10 letters and you may start feeling tired after writing two. But you feel satisfied if you have finished writing all 10 letters and skipped your meal because you feel the work is finished. Actually we get tired by not working and work gives you satisfaction. That satisfaction gives you energy. I have felt this and always tell this to my young friends. Tiredness is more psychological. Everyone has the same capacity needed for the volume of the work. You keep accepting new challenges and your inner self will always back you. This is in-built.”

In this hangout video, Modi tells about his secret behind his energy levels and how he maintains a hectic work life.

Modi’s dedication and organisation skills are attributed to his years of work as an RSS Pracharak. In 1972 he became a Pracharak, giving his full time to the RSS. He shared his accommodation with other Pracharaks and followed a rigorous daily routine. The day began at 5:00 am and went on till late night. Read more here.

Union Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu might have said half in jest a few days ago that Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t sleep himself and doesn’t allow his ministers to sleep either, but that practically sums up Modi’s day. Business Standard pieced together bits of information from diverse sources on the PM’s daily schedule. Read more here.




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