Records set to be broken on Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday

The Indian government is aiming at a Guinness Book of World Records on the eve of prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday on Saturday. In an initiative of charity, PM Modi is to distribute aids and other appliances to 11,000 specially abled people in Navasari. Though, the government is all set to break three more of the Guinness World records on the run-up to the celebration.

The government plans to light up 1,000 oil lamps by specially-abled people , a formation made by 1,000 wheelchair bound people and distribution of hearing aids to 1,000 beneficiaries of the scheme. The current record is held by the United States of America,where the record stands at 346 wheels chaired people, doing a formation. Lighting of 1,000 oil lamps by specially abled people will also be the first attempt of its kind. Read more here.

On the other hand, Surat based Atul Bakery, has prepared a birthday cake for PM Modi that is all set to aim for Guinness World Record as the tallest pyramid cake ever made.



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