Turning 30? why 30’s is the most awesome time of your life!

turning-30-704x454When you turn 30, you can’t fake it anymore. It becomes impossible to work a job you hate, date someone you aren’t in love with, and treat your body like crap. After 30, you begin to feel more. You’re more in touch with your body, your heart, and your soul.

Some of these changes are hard. Your body begins to reject things it doesn’t agree with it, like coffee, getting wasted, and staying up all night. Your heart is less interested in carefree exploration and more excited about going deep with someone you actually love. Your soul is more in tune with its true desires. In your thirties, you stop bullshitting others, and you finally stop bullshitting yourself. In your thirties, you begin to know who you are and what you want. In your thirties, you’re confident of your strengths, but more importantly, you own your weaknesses. In your thirties, you replace your excuses with your truth. In your thirties, a hangover isn’t just a headache on Sunday morning, it’s the worst day of your life.

But ladies it’s a time to give a kick to all dull effects of 30s and we need to see the opposite side.

Here are few reasons why 30’s is the most awesome time of your life!

  1. You have fewer friends because you’ve started getting rid of your acquaintances and dropping toxic people in your life, so the ones who are still around are definitely quality.
  2. You (might) actually know how to cook yourself a decent meal. You’ve finally figured out that cooking can save you a lot of money and it’s even a little therapeutic.
  3. You actually relate to your parents a little bit. And maybe people saying you’returning into your mom will even feel like a compliment.
  4. You’re the most creative you’ve ever been. Many scientists have their biggest breakthroughs in their late 30s, and that may be the case for you.
  5. Your apartment feels like a home and not a dorm room or frat house.
  6. You feel some effects of aging, which will motivate you to eat healthy and exercise. And the good thing is, a lot of your fellow 30-something friends are right there with you.
  7. You don’t take life for granted. That’s because by this point you’ve probably experienced some hard times — and they are what make us really appreciate what we have.
  8. You worry less about small things. At this age, you know better, and you’ve probably experienced the gamut of freakouts.
  9. You know what you want. You may have taken some wrong turns to finally get it right, but that makes the journey all the more sweet.
  10. A mother’s love is incredible, strong, ruthless and powerful.
  11. The sweetest words you will ever hear are your own child calling your name or saying “I love you.
  12. Most of us have been settled whether married or not till our 30s. It’s a time when we know the depth and value of all relations that usually teens don’t have.




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