Myths about successful marriage that you don’t need to follow


The one thing that will happen A LOT when you get married is getting advice from everyone. Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues … everyone who has ever been married, or never been married will be ready with their special advise. But here’s the one million-rupee question: which ones should you really consider taking? Given all the talk that surrounds marriages and happy relationships in general we decide to bust some myths for you so that you don’t beat yourself up trying to understand what’s wrong with your relationship.

Happy couples don’t argue: The biggest myth to hit the marriage market is this. Of course they will argue, they are humans and humans tend to have problems! Not fighting is, in fact, a bigger problem because that could simply indicate that you don’t care enough about the relationship to fix the problem.


Don’t go to bed angry:. Sometimes, rather than fighting till 5 AM, it’s best to call it quits, sleep on it and wake up with a newer perspective. Most of the fights, in the morning, have a better solution.

His family is your family:Love his family by all means, but love yours too. Don’t feel guilty about giving your family more time because hey, you can’t really give up on people who’ve stuck with you through thick and thin. 

Having kids will make you closer:Yes, having a kid and starting a family is great, but please don’t use a kid as a solution to your otherwise troubled marriage. A child is seriously not the solution to bringing couples together. If you are already having problems, chances are a kid will add to them.


Happy couples do everything together:Spending time together is great but so is doing your own thing. Don’t give up on your set of friends and passion just to make it seem like you both love the same things. It’s okay to want to do different things, separately, than forcing each other to do things that you hate.




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