“The bro with watch”


It all started in 2012; ShanXi, China. When a photo of a “smiling” local official at a major traffic accident scene was released to the public.

There were 36 people killed in the fatal accident, the smiling face quickly aroused “emotional” Chinese netizens to start a background check on official’s personal conduct.

In less than five days, Chinese netizens made an album of all the brand watches this local official has ever worn in public. A total of 11 different brands; with tag price from ¥10k ~ ¥500k, something an average Chinese government official should not have to be able to afford.

More of his “valuable” continues to come to light.

Two days later, a local college student filed a Government Information Disclosure application to Provincial Department of Finance. Requesting for “major traffic accident smile-official’s” 2011 annual salary and financial disclosure. The smile-official refused, claiming all his watches were purchased using legitimate income. (That’s when Beijing comes in.)

It was after smile-official has been sentenced to 14 yrs of imprisonment that people have come to realize he has a naturally smiling face. Smile was his natural face expression. LOL! This guy is known in China as “the bro with watch.”

The next photo is what I think is the Best Photograph of Government Corruption: When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visit an earthquake affected area, accompanied by local officials.

His action was literally saying: “No, I’m not wearing any expensive watch.” Which made Chinese netizens to dig-up his old photos, and found some really~ expensive watches. This dumb-ass got busted too, known in China as “the bro with no watch.”

Thanks to the internet and social media, netizens of China continues their corruption watching….

Sourced: Quora


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